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Woodway Engineering LTD


Woodway Engineering LTD

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


United Kingdom



About Company

Woodway Engineering Ltd is a successful family-run business that employs 50 people and has over 40 distributors spread across the globe. As the recognised UK leading supplier of emergency equipment, we are known internationally for providing superior products that last the lifetime of the vehicle and beyond. As the longest running British company in the industry, our name is connected with some of the major milestones that characterised the history of emergency services, such as the introduction in 1981 of the first strobe lights in the UK. The company is based in a rural location outside Coventry, in the heart of England. The facilities are set in 70 acres of land, and include the Factory Complex and the Offices. All equipment is manufactured to high standards of ISO 9001/2008 ensuring quality and conformity of manufacture every time you order our products.