• Wojskowe Zaklady Elektroniczne

Wojskowe Zaklady Elektroniczne


Wojskowe Zaklady Elektroniczne

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



About Company

Wojskowe Zaklady Elektroniczne (Military Electronic Works JSC) occupies with production of military equipment, modernization of military equipment, maintenance of military equipment and other services. 

The company specializes in a range of designing, production and equipment maintenance in the fields of reconnaissance and radioelectronic warfare, command and communications, air defense. 

Currently the company produces the following military technology: 

Automated VHF/UHF Communication Intelligence and Jamming System “Przebisnieg” 

The system of electronic reconnaissance SRR-10 “PROCJON-3” for helicopters 

Recording and Analyzing Mobile System for Radar Signals “MZRiASR” 

Mobile Radioelectronic Reconnaissance Station ESM/ELINT 

Laser Warning Receiver LWR-H 

Mobile Radioelectronic Reconnaissance Station ESM/COMINT “MSR-W”