• Weaponry Fund of Lithuania (distributor of CBC)

Weaponry Fund of Lithuania (distributor of CBC)


Weaponry Fund of Lithuania (distributor of CBC)

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Trading company




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About Company

Weaponry Fund of Lithuania was established in1935. People of Lithuania sent money to Weaponry fund account topurchase armament for Lithuanian Army. In 1940 army was destroyed,Weaponry fund was liquidated.

In 1991 Weaponry fundwas established again. At that time the situation in Lithuania was verystressful,soviet army had reaved a lot of guns from that time militia.It was necessary to arm newly organized police and borderline guard,also a new Lithuanian army was built. It had to be an opportunity tocollect guns from citizens, and take care of fund - raising for buyingnew guns. Weaponry fund was assigned to implement these functions.

In time functions of Weaponry fund expanded. Weaponry fund was assigned to supply with armaments and ammunition army, police, State security and private security services. Accordingto Lithuanian laws, citizens were aloud topurchase pistols and revolvers forself - defense. Weaponry fund was assigned to sell guns, to assure absolute control of guns in civil circulation – if the gun is purchased not from Weaponry fund, it is illegal.

Specialists of Weaponry fund liaise with manufacturers of armament and ammunition allover the world, stores a lot of information, each year visit the main international armament shows. Fund consults army and police procurementoffices, when new armament is needed, prepares offers for them, values technical characteristics of guns and economical rates, negotiate with suppliers for sale - prices.

One of the mane preserve of Weaponry fund is administrating state firearms register.Weaponry fund stores data about all firearms in Lithuania both in state institutions and in private sector. Weaponry fund exchange this information with other states by determinate order of ESBO, in that way fighting with circulation of illegal firearms.

Weaponry fund controls import of firearms in Lithuania, in the name of Lithuanian Republic issues end - user certificates for foreign countries.

Weaponry fund issues licenses for production of firearms, ammunition and explosives, repair of firearms and also controls companies who work in these fields, store information about their productive capacity. Weaponry fund established “GGG”small arms ammunition plant, organized its construction, purchased technological equipment, controls production. It is one of the most modern plants inthe world, though it is small.

Weaponry fund organize realization or destroying of firearms and ammunition taken or voluntary carried from individuals, by provided case of accredited state institutions. Weaponry fund forms a committee to test technical condition and value of firearms. After this, firearms are realized or destroyed.

After decree of Government of the Republic of Lithuania Weaponry fund became institution, which is liable to collect, process and provide international organizations with information, related to rifle arms and light weaponry. Weaponry fund positively takes part in seminars, conferences, expert meetings in all aspects of rifle arms and light weaponry.

Weaponry fund issues licenses to carry explosives in Lithuania, provides ESBO with information about import of weaponry to Lithuania, removal of illegal guns, takes part in preparing laws witch regulate circulation of armament, ammunition and explosives, exchanges information with ESBO,JT, EU about legal acts in this field.