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  • Venom Tactical

Venom Tactical


Venom Tactical

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America



About Company

Each Venom Tactical custom sniper rifle starts off as a stock Remington 700 rifle, however the similarities quickly end. The stock Remington is quickly disassembled and every part of the rifle’s firing mechanism - the bolt, firing pin, cartridge, chamber, and barrel are perfectly aligned. Both the rifles barrel and the bolt are replaced with custom creations that allow for much higher accuracy and durability. The rifle is then meticulously bedded in a Manners composite stock, which will be custom fit to be the most comfortable rifle stock you can have.

Accurate long distance shooting requires the perfect rifle, the perfect fit and flawless optics. Without all these crucial alignments, both repeatability and accuracy suffer. At Venom Tactical, meticulous machining, innovative gun smithing and obsessive attention to detail set us apart from the competition in creating the world’s most accurate custom made sniper rifle.

- Lawrence Bolton custom Rifle maker and owner of Venom Tactical Custom Sniper Rifles.