• Valkyrie Arms, Ltd

Valkyrie Arms, Ltd


Valkyrie Arms, Ltd

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America



About Company

The company started with an idea formed out of the frustration of living in a state that banned fully automatic firearms. It has now evolved into a dream to design BATF approved, semi-auto versions of classic military automatic arms. Whether you are ex-military or just appreciate good design and historical significance, you can now own a legal copy of a classic firearm.


Firearms design / manufacture / wholesale.


To provide the American Firearms Enthusiast with look-alike firearms of the famous military weapons, now realistically priced for most of the market.

Also - to develop/market novel, useful designs, to the Civilian/Military/Police market.


A small arms development / manufacturing company, intended to fill the shooter / collector's need for semi-auto models of military weapons.

    - Also Class II firearms for qualified Civilians and Military/police.

    - First company to mass-produce and market semi-auto versions of popular belt-fed machine guns!

    - One of the very few truly women-owned firearm manufacturers, ever.

Although other companies try to imitate our product lines (and some have even copied our company name, we remain the original and innovative Valkyrie Arms - If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…


Products previously produced by Valkyrie Arms include the Browning M.O.R. M1918, Browning M1919/SA, and Browning M2/SA. Current production includes the M3-A1/SA, DeLisle Commando Carbine™ (Suppressed or dummy suppressed), and Sten MK II. Other models in development....