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  • USA Firearms Corp

USA Firearms Corp


USA Firearms Corp

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America



About Company

ABOUT US We are a family owned and operated business with experience going back generations. Our grandfather started in the metal working industry during World War II at Pratt & Whitney. He continued metal work for years before opening his own business with his wife and children, who have passed the tradition of metal working on to us. Our areas of expertise include cold forming, stamping, and machining. We own and occupy a 30,000 sq foot manufacturing facility in Winsted, Connecticut. ​​ HISTORY The Wildey Survivor was invented and sold by Wildey Moore. Starting sales in 1980, the Survivor was designed and sold for hunting. The large .475 caliber, long barrel, and patented recoil system, made it ideal for handgun hunting. Sales of the gun took off after it was featured by Charles Bronson in the wildly popular Death Wish 3 movie. Bronson loved this gun and practically made it a character in the movie. To this day, people still ask for "the Bronson gun." The Survivor truly is a classic. SURVIVOR TODAY The Survivor is a customizable gun which features multiple calibers, barrel lengths, and finishes. It is popular with hunters, backyard shooters, and collectors alike. Over the past year and a half, we have worked hard to bring the Survivor back into production, along with making improvements to the classic design. Upgrades include: Machining the slide from bar stock to make it stronger and more consistent; Adding a mating surface to the barrel for consistency in manufacturing; Matching the angle on the lock bar on the rear of the extension to reduce stress fractures; Fixing the cycling issue to improve reliability. ​Our passion for guns lead us into the firearms industry where we met Wildey Moore. In 2015 we purchased the rights to his line of handguns, and have been using our wealth of experience and knowledge to build upon this classic design. With the release of the new and improved Survivor pistol, we continue on the tradition of hard work, ingenuity, and American craftsmanship that our family has upheld for over 70 years.Claim this company account