• Turmersan Savunma Sanayi
  • Turmersan Savunma Sanayi
  • Turmersan Savunma Sanayi
  • Turmersan Savunma Sanayi
  • Turmersan Savunma Sanayi
  • Turmersan Savunma Sanayi
  • Turmersan Savunma Sanayi

Turmersan Savunma Sanayi


Turmersan Savunma Sanayi

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Selling 9.19 mm FMJ Bullet

We are 9.19 mm FMJ Bullet producer with high capacity. Our products in NATO standards and use Turkish Army and Law Forces. Products : 9.19mm 124 Grain FMJ (MS90&MS70) 9.19mm 115 Grain FMJ...

About Company

TURMERSAN SAVUNMA SANAYİ established in 2017 August in order to present a new proactive competitive engineering approach in defense industry.

Establishment , manufacturing approvals ans FSCC – Facility Security Clearance Certificate both Turkish and NATO is successfully completed in 2018.

Despite as a new organization and foundation of TURMERSAN, Its strength side is high experienced on the lead manufacturing more than 15 yrs.

Engineering and manufacturing knowledge come from the global big player company pasts of the founders.

The three basic levers of TURMERSAN are cost quality and duration. We assure that best qualified product designation respect to NATO standarts.

  • Quality is performed under by the latest technology measurement equipment and experienced visual controls systematically.
  • Cost analysis and continuous cost reduction activities are guaranteed by our local engineering team during the production from cradle to grave.
  • Delivery on time approach matches with the customer requirements which are well responded on the competition all over the world.

First aspiration of the company, being a global longterm trustable supplier for the final ammunition companies.

Exportation objective is more than half of the whole production capability.

Under the latest circumstances of the ammunition industry , we believe that a proactive competitive engineering approach would be well suited on global market requirements.

You will see the difference and quality after try our Full metal jacket parebellum projectiles.