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TRAPMASTER Fallenmelder - EPV Electronics GmbH


TRAPMASTER Fallenmelder - EPV Electronics GmbH

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Manufacturer (own production)




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About Company

Why TRAPMASTER trap alert?

EPV's TRAPMASTER trap alert is the ideal retrofit system for box traps, cage traps, concrete pipe traps and most other trap types.

Animal friendly & legally compliant trap monitoring

You will be notified immediately whenever your trap closes and you can react immediately. Hence caught animals only remain inside the trap as short as possible. TRAPMASTER complies with the legal requirements for trap alert systems (for example Germany‘s strict hunting legislation).

To incorporate all trap-hunting requirements, the TRAPMASTER was developed in very close cooperation with numerous professional & amateur hunters as well as wildlife research institutions.

3 key objectives were achieved:

1.             In function and reliabilty, TRAPMASTER is ideally suited for trap hunting.

2.             Operation and configuration are simple and intuitve.

3.             We can offer a premium trap alert sensor at a fair price in order to make retrofitting to several traps affordable.

TRAPMASTER trap alert advantages:

• Very easy installation and configuration.

• Intuitively adjustable notification options through SMS, phone call, website, email or instant message.

• Special rechargeable battery pack. Operates reliably down to – 40°C. The battery pack is always included in the scope of delivery.

• Long battery life.

• The dual-use sensor can be deployed as a proximity switch or snap magnet. This facilitates a quick & reliable installation on most trap models.

• Automatic monitoring of phone credit and battery status. TRAPMASTER automatically notifies you before any critical status is reached.

• Waterproof casing (IP67).

• 2-year warranty.

• Convincing value for money.

• Made in Germany.

TRAPMASTER is an EPV Electronics product.

EPV is a German electronics company with more than 25 years of experience in customer-oriented electronic innovations.

Our customer service and experienced engineers are always available for your support.