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Traditions Performance Firearms


Traditions Performance Firearms

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With One Shot, Accuracy Counts Traditions™ produces the most accurate muzzleloaders on the market! With one shot and one chance at your target, accuracy counts and it should be something you consider when buying a muzzleloader. Traditions™ muzzleloaders are outfitted with features that provide proven accuracy well beyond 200 yards. Our muzzleloaders with a 24", 26", and 28" barrel are all capable of 200+ yard accuracy and as you move through our lineup and other barrel lengths, the accuracy continues from there. If you're looking for longer distance accuracy, check out our LDR series. With a longer barrel, you'll have increased accuracy thanks to the powder having longer burn time in the barrel. This translates to increased velocity, better consistency and improved downrange accuracy. Our LDR models with a 30" barrel will take you out to 250+ yards. What Makes Traditions Muzzleloaders So Accurate? As hunters and shooters ourselves we understand what it's like to depend on your gun when you've got very few days to hunt due to busy schedules, to fill your freezer, or when you are trying to get your child their first deer. You've got to trust your firearm and know when that moment comes you both are ready. Traditions™ has made sure our muzzleloaders have all the features needed to bring you to that moment of success and the rest is up to you. What makes our muzzleloaders so accurate? Thanks to a combination of superior features, when you purchase a Traditions you'll have in your hands the most accurate muzzleloader on the market. On our Vortek and Pursuit series, the tapered and fluted premium grade Chromoly steel barrel sets these models apart from the competition. Chromoly steel, typically used on centerfire rifles, has long been recognized as the best barrel material for strength and accuracy. It also helps keep the gun lightweight and not muzzle-heavy allow you a balanced and comfortable muzzleloader when you shoulder the rifle. With the chromoly steel barrel along with other features like the LT-1 Alloy Frame, Accelerator Breech Plug, Nitride Finish (on some models), and more, you can count on your Traditions™. Accuracy Guaranteed One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is your muzzleloader. With the Traditions™ Accuracy Guarantee, when you purchase a Traditions™ Vortek StrikerFire® we guarantee it's accurate. If you don’t believe your Traditions™ Vortek StrikerFire® rifle is accurate, send your Traditions™ muzzleloader back within 15 days of purchase with a valid RMA number and copy of your receipt. We’ll test it with a recommended factory-grade load and if we can’t get it to perform, we’ll either repair it or replace it, so you are 100% satisfied. It’s that simple. Your Traditions™ Vortek StrikerFire® is one thing you can count on. We guarantee it. We’ve stood behind our products for over 30 years and that’s something that will never change. After all, you chose Traditions™ because our guns are the safest, lightest, best feeling guns on the market. Now you don’t have to worry about Accuracy either. Rest up for your hunt. Traditions™ has you covered when it comes to making sure your Vortek StrikerFire® is accurate. The rest is up to you. (TPF)Claim this company account