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Looking for the dealers from Europe

Elite Military, Law Enforsement and First Responder Units with lightweight, innovative and robust products made in USA.

About Company

In early 2012 a concept was created which seemed so obvious, it sounded too good to be true. The gear market had been flooded by dozens of “Me Too” companies all touting the latest and greatest designs and products. “Cool guy” spokespersons were flooding the social media channels with pictures of guys with beards running gear and shooting stuff. Where was the focus on quality? Where was the focus on performance?  How could one company make a difference by wiping the slate clean and starting with a fresh perspective?

TPG BLACK ™ made a commitment to start fresh – new designs, innovative concepts, and products created by real end users with a focus on meeting the precise functionality requirements of the end user. Our team spent hours talking with law enforcement and military professionals, listening to the pros and cons of every other product and system on the market. The result – start over.

Bringing jobs back to US and raising the bar on quality gear became an obsession. Countless sample after sample was made, tested, torn apart, and then back to the drawing board for yet another revision. One size does NOT fit all. One design does NOT work for all. Different end users require different solutions and with that focus, TPG BLACK ™ was born.

American Made – Mission Specific.

With a brand new product offering, each product is vigorously field tested by active Law Enforcement, current military & training personnel before bring it to market. Made in US at our Boynton Beach, FL facility with US made fabrics (Berry Amendment Compliant), TPG BLACK ™ proudly stands behind its products by offering a lifetime warranty.