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About Company

Our goal at Todd Begg Knives is to produce functional and beautiful knives that are innovative and unique. We strive for perfection in form, function, fit and finish in order to deliver a finished piece that will be cherished and appreciated for generations to come. We employ the stock removal method of knife making with a particular emphasis on precision machined details and inlay work. We strive to create a knife with zero tool marks and want the knife to look as if it was born and not built. Todd Begg Knives believes the collector deserves to see effort on every surface of the knife.

Todd Begg Knives is happy to announce the formation of our new Steelcraft Series with the release of our first line of full production knifes, the Sun Tzu Kwaiken and the Mini Bodega. With these first two models we have joined forces with various manufacturers to bring you the highest quality in design and function that we feel is attainable in a production knife. All our Steelcraft Series knives will be designed with an emphasis on precision workmanship to showcase that a production knife can truly be a thing of excellence. We have made all the necessary steps to insure that Steelcraft will deliver a knife that will stand up to scrutiny and surpass all prior experience of what a production knife can be.

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