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About Company

West Coast Corporation is an employee owned company founded on American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. We serve diverse markets with innovative quality products, world class customer service and sixty years of manufacturing expertise. Innovation, quality, security and convenience are the cornerstones on which our company was built.

//About T-REIGN®// Innovative Outdoor Products Built to Last

Having a great time outdoors is easy, especially when the gear you depend on is always right where you need it. T-REIGN® retractable gear tethers are rugged, weather resistant and designed to perform under the most demanding conditions. By keeping your GPS, game call or muti-tool attached to a T-REIGN retractable tether you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing these critical tools are always handy. Plus, they’re out of the way when not in use, making your outdoor activities safer as well as more convenient and enjoyable.

Use a T-REIGN® retractable gear tether to keep your game call handy and out of the way. You can also use your retractable tether while training or working your dog, since it's perfect for keeping your electronic collar transmitter close at hand. So go ahead and drop your call when that big tom struts into the clearing. It'll just zip right back to your T-REIGN retractable gear tether. There's a freedom and convenience in knowing that you simply can't lose something when you let go of it. And when you're hunting, you need to be ready for that perfect shot and not worrying about stuffing something back in your pocket. T-REIGN, What You Need When You Need It. Backed by a lifetime service policy.

//About KEY-BAK®// Making Your Security More Convenient

If your job requires the frequent use of keys or small tools, you need the extreme durability and strength of KEY-BAK® self retracting reels. KEY-BAK has been providing innovative, USA made products for over 60 years. Ever since our founder, a railroad man, first addressed the need in his industry for a safer, more convenient way to carry and handle keys, KEY-BAK has continued to offer quality, innovation and service to our customers.

As an Employee Owned Company you can be assured we care about the products we manufacture and are always looking for new ways to apply our technologies to make jobs and lives easier and safer. This year we are introducing the KEY-BAK® Duty Gear line of products for the security and law enforcement industries. KEY-BAK Duty Gear products incorporate Key Silencers to keep keys secure, silent and safe from digital theft. As always, KEY-BAK products are backed by a lifetime service policy.