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  • SWORD international

SWORD international


SWORD international

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America



About Company

The SWORD story starts with my service in 2nd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. During my time in Ranger Battalion, which includes deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I was shocked to see the lack of reliability, durability and functionality of our primary small arms system. Loose tolerances, poor materials and antiquated manufacturing techniques made for a sub standard weapon system. I was pleasantly surprised upon leaving the military as a firearms instructor and member of the private security industry, to see a renaissance of development within the private sector. Companies were developing upgrades and improvements for the civilian market that, if proved effective, might make their way into military and law enforcement service. My excitement however was short lived when I realized that most of these “improvements” where poorly designed and manufactured gimmicks that focused on looking cool and selling, but little else. After joining the American manufacturing industry and seeing the amazing work done by that community, I realized something had to be done. We need to ensure that the United States Military and First responders on the ground who risk their life every day have access to the same advanced manufacturing techniques, materials and coatings that the aerospace and other military industrial complex industries benefit from. If we as a nation can develop a multi billion dollar strike fighter every five years or so then why are we still issuing a 45 year old weapon system to our individual warfighters? And so began many years of hard work refining and reinventing American small arms until we where ready to launch a number of solutions based on that collaboration. SWORD International’s goal is to bring the United States’ immense manufacturing capabilities to bear on the firearms community to create world-class weapon systems with the goal of getting quality American manufactured weapon platforms and systems into the hands of Military, Law Enforcement and Civilians. In our infancy SWORD International set our mission in stone: SWORD International will provide the United States military, law enforcement and first responder communities with the very best small arms solutions, utilizing the most advanced materials, coatings and manufacturing processes available. SWORD International will always manufacture its product solutions proudly in the United States of America. SWORD International will spare no expense, nor cut corners and we will never sacrifice excellence for profit, because lives depend on it. “Rangers Lead The Way” Jeremy A. Elrod 2nd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment President and Founder SWORD International Inc.Claim this company account