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Swarovski Optik

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



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English, German, Russian, French

About Company

SWAROVSKI OPTIK regards tradition, origin, quality awareness, entrepreneurial boldness, innovativeness, absolute devotion to service and product functionality as the core values guiding all its actions. These principles have evolved from within the company at SWAROVSKI OPTIK and they are put into practice every day by all our staff.


We are a family-run business and, as such, we must in all conscience pass it on to our successors. SWAROVSKI OPTIK regards this as a long-term matter, which is why we’re not just thinking about the next five or ten years, but about future generations.

Tyrol, Austria

The clear commitment to the company and production site in Tyrol instills confidence. We firmly believe that customers who opt for a premium quality product also take a very close look at where and how a company manufactures its products.