• sTONEY mOUNTAin LLC dba Stoney Mountain Gun

sTONEY mOUNTAin LLC dba Stoney Mountain Gun


sTONEY mOUNTAin LLC dba Stoney Mountain Gun

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America

About Company

Stoney Mountain Gun Repair has been in the gun repair business for over 50 years and can repair, refinish or build you a gun of your choice. Stoney Mountain has two full-time gunsmiths that are very experienced in all type weapons from handguns to fully automatic weapons.

We build guns, repair guns, restore old weapons, repair broken stocks, build original and custom stocks, sell obsolete parts, make unavailable parts for old weapons. Want a custom build or a wild cat we can assist you.

Stoney Mountain Gunsmiths offer all types of repairs and rebuilt and repaired weapons over the years. We are not parts changers as some shops are we actually do physical repairs to your weapons and alterations that are desired and legal under the law.

We repair fully automatic weapons with the proper paper work accompanying them.

If you want your gun repaired and done right bring it to Stoney Mountain Gun Repair in Phoenix AZ. We are hunters, & shooters as well as gunsmiths.