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  • Soytuk Donmez (Soyturk Dönmez Dövme Bıçak Atölyesi)

Soytuk Donmez (Soyturk Dönmez Dövme Bıçak Atölyesi)


Soytuk Donmez (Soyturk Dönmez Dövme Bıçak Atölyesi)

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



About Company

I came to the world in Germany in 1975. I remember the horn knife horns of the son of my neighbor in Germany. I've always been a fan. The excitement of seeing the Swiss army knife of the son of another neighbor is still the same thrill :). I think it was a Solingen made by my father when he was 7-8 years old, a small one, and a big knife was always in my pocket. Then Turkey to arrive we and our house was the most beautiful events a day antelope grazing when we connect the foot wandering around the neck of the rope again my father's death almost me the gift of that knife to prevent the knife, which helped me understand the importance of our lives our goats we grew take 1 weeks. I'm not wandering around that day today.
     The tattoo knife adventure started with the visit of my Gökhan BAKLA master in September 2011.

  As soon as he comes, he said, "Let's make a coal mine" and I got into the business. (I came to work). So I took the first step in this irreversible disease.

  Later I found myself in this magical world when I say anvil need, vise, restraint. Hot steel is not something to put into the hammer with a hammer, it is one of the tools that this son used for the first time in history, and it is not to be said with the words of turning into BIQUE, which is my self-aware passion. However, it is necessary to live and experience this feeling.

   I want to share my works on this blog, which I try to do as much as I can. Gökhan BAKLA who has put me in this hot-forging world respects my other masters and friends in the Knife Art Forum which is a means of learning many things I do not know about knife and knife.

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