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Smart Shooter Ltd.


Smart Shooter Ltd.

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Manufacturer (own production)




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About Company

Our technologies combine electro-optics, image processing, real-time embedded software, ergonomics, and system engineering to provide real and affordable solutions for modern, symmetric and asymmetric conflicts.

The “SMASH family” is a line of add-on fire control systems and can be mounted on almost any rifle using standard ammunition. it enables any shooter, regardless of skill or operational stress, to hit precisely any stationary or moving target, and thus reducing collateral damage and hit bystanders.

Smart Shooter holds an ISO 9001 certification, and all products fully meet MIL-STD 810.

Smart Shooter Ltd is an emerging company developing technology solutions for military and paramilitary firearms. The company designs, develops, and manufactures advanced systems that provide higher hit accuracy for ground troops and law enforcement officers around the world.