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Flodman Guns Sweden

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




Norwegian, Swedish, English

About Company

A unique Swedish gun for hunting and sport shooting. A shotgun made of stainless steel. Constructed by Rune Flodman, one of the most distinguished competiton shooters in Sweden.

FLODMAN-a technical masterpiece which fulfills the highest demands for strength and precision in every detail.

Already today Flodman belongs to tomorrow´s generation of shotguns. A precision gun in all it´s parts. As a hunter and sport shooter you get a friend for life with a Flodman.

The unique construction offers several combination possibilities and with all it´s components an entire gun system: Shotgun-double rifle-combination. It is only to choose which.

In spite of it´s low profile and elegant lines, the Flodman is a strong and robust, universal gun - effective, safe and good handling. Interchangeable chokes gives you possibility to choose the right choke for all situations.

Standard Flodman guns are delivered with steelgray matted barrels which gives you no troublesome reflections.

The gun is cocked with the top-lever which results in barrels beging "easy-opening". A much treasured detail when quick reloadings is needed.

The action is designed so that the recoil absorbtion is of the advantageous - straight-line-type. As a result of the shooter feeling more comfortable and a second wellplaced shot can be fired more quickly.