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  • Silverback Airsoft Ltd.

Silverback Airsoft Ltd.


Silverback Airsoft Ltd.

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




English, Chinese

About Company

Established in 2008 by airsoft addicts and serious wargamers in Hong Kong, our goal is to better serve our fellow mates in this unique sport with the most innovative and high quality products that one will require in any airsoft fields situation. 

Our airsoft version of this awesome bullpup sniper rifle is built only in high quality materials:

- In order to respect most of the awesome features of the original SRS, we had to develop a new patented spring bolt system, push forward compression, spring guide less design. The bolt is made of a steel cylinder, steel cylinder head and steel bolt handle. Piston assembly is made of 6061 aluminium. It features a steel piston sear and the system will allow bolt quick change, no tools needed. Muzzle energy will range between 0.9 Joules to 1.7 Joules depending on your country regulations.
-Compatible with AEG silent piston heads and AEG springs (with a compressed length strictly inferior to 46mm and an inside diameter strictly superior to 11mm).
-Monolithic receiver: CNC 6061 T6 aluminium, a massive piece, over one kilogram, featuring the quick change attachment system patented by Desert Tech LLC. Each receiver has a unique CNC engraved serial number.
-Outer barrels made by CNC , 6061 T6 aluminium, deep fluting for 22'' and 26', with an inner diameter of 8.56mm, the AEG standard, eliminating the necessity of barrel spacers. The airsoft SRS is equipped with a 6.05mm brass inner barrel.
-Two way aluminium hop up unit, directly attached to the quick change barrel assembly, allowing barrel switch in seconds while keeping your hop up setting. Hop up setting is done by two screws on top of the rifle, through the receiver, with the provided key, without removing the barrel, the magazine or the optic.
-Railed handguard: CNC 6061 T5 aluminium and fiber reinforced nylon additional rails (3 pieces included). Rail system is attached to the receiver via a sturdy 38x2mm thread.
-Rifle stock is made of fiber reinforced nylon. Black, Flat Dark Earth and OD colors are available
-Fiber reinforced nylon buttpad extension (2 pieces included)
-Steel magazine, with reinforced nylon internal, 30 rounds capacity.
-Monopod, included with all Silverback Airsoft SRS, accurate replica of the Desert Tech LLC patented monopod, CNC 6061 aluminium.
-CNC aluminium trigger, with position and preload adjustment.
-No injection molding metal parts, no zinc alloy, all screws are in 10.9 steel.

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