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Dedicated to meeting the needs of serious outdoorsmen who demand reliability and repeat perfomance. Precision optical equipment ....  Designed, tested and retested by Sportsmen for Sportsmen.

Dear Fellow Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts,

As we enter our 18th year we are proud to introduce 8 new models to our highly successful SIII Series of Long Range Scopes for 2011. Since our introduction of Electronic Sighting Devices in 1993 Sightron has grown the product line to more than 100 products that provide the outdoor enthusiast with many choices for a quality outdoor experience. Our vision in 1993 was not only to bring to the outdoor market the absolute best quality shooting sports optics, but also to make the best optical values worldwide.

Our innovations like ExacTrack™ andZact-7 coatings have made Sightron a favorite in the hunting and shooting sports field. We hope you will take the time to review our product lineup for 2011 and we think you will agree Sightron has some of the highest quality products in the optical field today.

With some of the finest manufacturing facilities in the world Sightron is proud to design and manufacture our riflescopes and other products in our factories worldwide.

We hope you will try one of our Sightron products in 2011 and we think you will agree that some of the finest products today carry the Sightron name.