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7.62x39 Ammo for sale in large quantities.

The factory takes orders in 3 month periods. For each month the minimum amount of order is 3 containers so for 3 months that is 9 containers. ( 9 containers are roughly 10.260.000 7.62x38 rounds mi...
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About Company

SAVUNSAN Technoloji A.Ş. was established to contribute to the peace and security of the countries, to strengthen the cooperation between the countries in the field of security and defense, to increase their defense capabilities and capabilities and to develop innovative defense industry products based on advanced technology. SAVUNSAN Technoloji A.Ş. Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defense at the disposal of serving the Land Force Command, Navy, Naval Command and the Air Force Command, the Republic of Turkey Presidential Defense Industry Directorate is to meet and other government organizations military product needs and demands. In addition, due to our strong political and military relations with many countries in Asia, the Far East, South America, Africa and the Middle East, these countries are also included in our scope of activity.