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Manufacturer (own production)




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About Company

It has long been the hunter’s quest to get "within reach" of nature and thus the target. The manner of hunting has changed due to the continuous enhancement of firearms and ammunition technologies. Nevertheless, the passion itself has remained the same over the years.
Thifan Industrie develops products for the decisive moment - for shooting and for hitting the target with certain precision. The requirement for this is accurate knowledge of the hunter’s needs and the ability to incorporate it consistently into the development of products.
Our top priority is to manufacture high-quality, high-precision products according to the highest quality standards. This is reflected on one hand in diamond-bright images when observing and aiming, and on the other in the ruggedness of the products on the mechanical side and contributes to in this way to your hunting success.
This ambition to get closer to nature spurred on developments which until recently would have been inconceivable. Due to the fusion of technologies, innovative materials and knowledge of hunting, Thifan Industrie has been able to develop products which unobtrusively preserve long established tradition but are nevertheless not blind to any trends.
Our ammunition for smooth barrels is the most recent example of this synthesis of tradition and innovation: BFS lead free for a better accuracy and a total respect of environment combined with ballistic performances similar to these of rifled barrels cartridges.
We consider it our duty to provide you with the best possible "ammunition" for that decisive moment. To ensure you are perfectly equipped and do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Good hunting!

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