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Sauer Shooting-Sportswear

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Manufacturer (own production)




Dutch, English, German

About Company

Sauer shooting sportswear for ambitious sport shooters

For many years, records have been broken and Olympic, national and international titles have been won with Sauer shooting sportswear. A perfect fit, absolute functionality coupled with first-class quality in terms of material and workmanship form the basis of this success.

Herbert Sauer is a pioneer in the development of shooting sportswear and equipment. He was formerly a successful marksman himself and started to develop and optimize functional shooting sportswear whilst he was still an active competitor. Over the years, he has been responsible for numerous patents and registered designs. Many of these have now become essential items of shooting sportswear and equipment and are imitated all over the world.

Sauer Shooting-Sportswear offers uncompromising quality. All top-of-the-range products, whether shooting jackets, trousers or shoes and boots, are made entirely in Germany and use only the best materials. In the main, this means premium leather, linen and rubber. However, where it makes sense to do so, our products are supplemented by modern synthetic components. The focus is always on quality and above all on enhancing our customers' sporting performance.