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S&T Motiv


S&T Motiv

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


South Korea

Established in:



Korean, English, Chinese

About Company

We, S&T Motiv (formerly S&T Daewoo and previously Daewoo Precision Industries), have been ceaselessly striving to open bright future with our customers. With forward-looking mindset,S&T Motiv has been relentlessly pursuing to make significant contribution for defense industry.Since our founding in 1973 as an arms factory and as the only small firearm manufacturing company in South Korean defense industry, S&T Motiv has gained tremendous experience in developing and producing small firearms that requires high -precision technology. Such advanced technology and experience in defense industry have been embodied by various firearm products such as K1A Sub Machine Gun, K2 Rifle, K3 Light Machine Gun and K11 Dual-Barrel AirBurst Weapon in particular; K12 Machine Gun and Corner Shot are also currently in development. Furthermore, S&T Motiv has recently started anufacturing of K11 to be deployed for military use for the first time in its similar kind of weapon in the world, which reshapes the future of defense industry. S&T Motiv has been trying its best effort to support fortifying national self-defense capability while looking forward to pioneering international market in Southeast Asia, Middle East region and so on. Today, S&T Motiv is changing itself to become a global company by establishing local subsidiaries in China, North America, Europe, India, and Mexico. We are to become a global top leader with relentless efforts in research and development with our passion, courage and committment that will overcome any challenge and failure.
S&T Motiv will always work for better tomorrow of our employees, customers and shareholders, and we look forward to
your continuous interest and support.

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