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Type of company:

Trading company (dealer, distributor)




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About Company

ROMTEHNICA is one of the leading trade companies in the field, having a career spanning over 35 years of experience on the international defence market.

The company acts under the coordination of the romanian Ministry of National Defence:

Negotiates and signs the contracts on behalf of the romanian Ministry of National Defence and other entities related to transfer of technology, logistic support, technical assistance and personnel training;

As importer of goods and services requested by the romanian Ministry of National Defence, ROMTEHNICA may also provide support for imports of any other governmental authorities;

Performs all the commercial and financial activities related to the defence upgrading/modernization programs of the romanian Armed Forces;

Exclusive exporter for the romanian Ministry of National Defence surplus equipment and the most important trader of goods and services offered by the romanian defence industry;

Organizes tenders and selection of offers;

Promotes romanian defence manufactured products;

Its policy and quality system are attested by SR EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

ROMTEHNICA was founded on the basis of the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 1771/1974, as Export-Import Directorate within the Ministry of National Defense.

Based on Government Decision no. 236/1991, the Autonomous Company Romtehnica SA is established.

Current status of C.N. ROMTEHNICA S.A. was approved by Government Decision no. 738/2001, functioning as a commercial company with full state capital, the Ministry of National Defense being the sole shareholder.

The company enjoys good international recognition due to its full proficiency in the provision of defense equipment.

It has specialized personnel in international commercial transactions and strong logistic support.

Based on the experience gained from the commercial activities regarding the military equipment modernization programs, imports of goods and services requested by the Romanian Ministry of National Defense and other national security authorities, ROMTEHNICA is the most reliable partner for the implementation of governmental agreements and procurement contracts.

ROMTEHNICA played an important role in importing:

• Combat and training aircraft of the MIG and IAR family, including parts and upgraded versions thereof

• Unmanned airplanes

• Transportation planes

• Helicopters from Eastern and Western manufacturers

• Radars of Eastern and Western origin

• Weapons, munitions and complex missile systems

• Tanks, armored vehicles and other military vehicles

• Networking and communications equipment

Main activities and services provided:

• Market research to identify foreign suppliers

• Organize and execute all activities related to procurement procedures in accordance with Romanian legislation in force

• Negotiating and signing contracts / procurement agreements

• Fulfilling all financial, commercial and customs activities related to procurement contracts

• Coordination of supplies of goods and provision of services to the Romanian Ministry of National Defense in accordance with contractual provisions

ROMTEHNICA offers commercial assistance for import activities to a high quality standard with minimal financial effort.


Taking into account the experience gained in international commerce, Romtehnica has built long-lasting relationships with military and governmental authorities around the world (ministries, factories, security forces), acting on the principles of respect, trust and professionalism. provide customers with quality products and services.

In order to achieve the main objectives, ROMTEHNICA acts in its own name and at its own risk, but also as an intermediary agent, distributor, commissioner, representative and associate in relations with legal and official entities, Romanian and foreign.

Based on management policy to maximize customer satisfaction, ROMTEHNICA, as a highly traded company with defense expertise, can professionally carry out all activities related to the intra-community export / delivery of goods and services, operating in accordance with international regulations .

The intra-community exports and deliveries made by ROMTEHNICA focus, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Defense equipment

Safety equipment and special equipment

Double and civilian products

Spare parts, tools and accessories

Related services, such as technology transfer, technical assistance, training

Main activities and services provided:

Negotiations resulting from contracts for export and intra-community deliveries on behalf of the Ministry of National Defense and other governmental or private entities in Romania;

Advice on foreign trade activities with defense products;

Organizing tenders and bid selections;

All financial and commercial activities related to the execution of contracts / projects;

Best technical assistance, maintenance and training;

Fulfilling all activities on the Romanian territory occasioned by the customs formalities for the delivery of the contracted equipment;

Intermediation of technology transfer to ensure cooperation in the manufacturing process;

Logistics support;

Representation of foreign companies on the Romanian market;

Promoting products manufactured in Romania on the international market;


Our services, based on customer requirements and exigency, are available to you based on an agreement / contract concluded between the parties involved.

ROMTEHNICA is the only company authorized to organize and perform all procedures for the sale of surplus equipment under the administration of the Ministry of National Defense in Romania.

The product groups available to be outsourced are as follows:

Weapon infantry


Anti-Air Defense Systems


Field artillery

Armored combat vehicles

Aviation engineering

Spare parts and accessories

Other goods in stock of the army, irrespective of their technical condition.