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Proof Research

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Manufacturer (own production)


United States of America

About Company

PROOF Research is a science-based company committed to redefining the firearms industry by creating innovative, next-generation products. Headquartered in Northwest Montana, just minutes from the entrance to Glacier National Park, we’ve brought together some of the finest minds, experience and innovations in the industry to produce carbon fiber barrels and complete rifle systems that are setting new industry standards for accuracy, durability and barrel longevity. Our manufacturing facility includes a million-frame-per-second high-speed ballistic camera, a ballistic lab, a thermal-imaging infrared camera and an indoor test range rated to .50 BMG. As a growing industry leader we are committed to reducing weight while improving accuracy and performance. Our patented manufacturing process utilizes aircraft-grade carbon fiber in conjunction with high-temperature aerospace resins creating a powerful platform capable of launching a new class of products for both the sportsman and the Warfighter. Want proof? Just ask around. PROOF Research barrels and complete rifle systems have quickly gained a reputation among backcountry hunters, precision rifle competitors and military operators for ruggedness, reduced weight and extreme accuracy. They’re not just lighter—they’re better.

OUR VISION is to revolutionize the firearms industry by applying science, technology and manufacturing excellence to produce carbon fiber barrels that exceed the performance of all other barrels and to relentlessly innovate to produce new carbon fiber technologies that support our core mission.