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  • Proizvodnja Mile Dragic d.o.o

Proizvodnja Mile Dragic d.o.o


Proizvodnja Mile Dragic d.o.o

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Trading company (dealer, distributor)


Czech Republic


Czech, English

About Company

The company Mile Dragić Production was founded in 1985. It all started as a little workshop to grow and become an internationally recognized company producing a wide range of protective clothing and footwear. The company is situated in Zrenjanin, at a very center of AP Vojvodina, and an hour of drive from Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia. Location was carefully chosen since the town of Zrenjanin has a great tradition in the textile industry. Together with education institutions of the town, the location provides an inflow of exceptional quality and trained work power. Today, the company Mile Dragić Production is internationally recognized in ballistic protective equipment manufacturing such as ballistic protective vests, ballistic and intervention shields, ballistic plates, intervention equipment and other protective equipment used for protection from high temperatures, electric shock and chemical protection. Our products are made from high-quality materials, high value of use, with special care on comfort, less weight while also providing safety in a first place. The production capacities of the company Mile Dragić Production are situated on 15.000 sqm. Production is divided into the following production programs: Highly specialized specific program (equipment for military and police forces and other security services); Physical and technical security programs (equipment for private security agencies and individual civilian protection); Protection of equipment in industry (firefighter suits EN 469, single layer firefighter suits EN ISO 15614; Nomex® working uniforms: Oil industry, Metal industry, Electro industry); Tarpaulin program (heavy covers for all kinds of cargos and delivery vehicles as week as every other type of specialized covers for protection of equipment and manpower); Production program is organized by production plants: Hard ballistics plant – production of ballistic protective plates, ballistic protective helmets and ballistic shields; Soft ballistics and clothing – production of ballistic protective vests, uniforms and holsters; Intervention and camouflage equipment plant – production of intervention sets, camouflage nets and sniper suits. Special emphasis is on production of ballistic protective equipment for individual protection as it is ballistic protective helmets, vests and other products from ballistic materials which correspond to highest world standards NIJ STD 0101.04 and 0101.06, NIJ STD 0115.00, NIJ STD 0106.01, STANAG 2920, MIL STD 662.E, GOST 50, TRBS-SK as well as standards SORS and SRPS. All products are certified in renowned accredited laboratories. As a part of our development a production process we use our laboratory for testing ballistic material and equipment. Feedback data are of immense importance to us whether it is testing in simulated or real combat situations. We are always in touch with people who use our equipment. The company Mile Dragić Production has to this day by our own developing won almost 90 parts of equipment used by the Army of Serbia and Ministry of Interior of Serbia. This equipment is the standard equipment of our military and police forces. In everyday use of the Army and Ministry of Interior of Serbia, there are: Ballistic products: helmets, plates, vests; Protective clothing: de-mining set and filtering suit; Camouflage equipment: camouflage suit and different types of camouflage nets, and A variety of miscellaneous equipment, such as different casings, holsters, ammunition carry-ons. Through verification tests, by the Serbian Army and MUP, it is claimed and in operative use next products: reflex scope, passive monocular, laser beam target marker, protective gloves for ABH protection and complete protection for public order for the needs of the Military police. Our products are in over 30 countries throughout the world: first of all in Serbia, and in the countries of the region, then in the countries of Asia and Africa, as well as South America. The company Mile Dragić Production is a recognizable brand that stands out by its unique approach to every customer, and original and precise make. The Company’s mission is to contribute to the success and satisfaction of their customers through quality and intensive development. PMD is a visionary which through their innovations and understanding of new achievements shift limits which are permeating through the already recognizable slogan “KEEP GOING...”Claim this company account