• Prinz-Waffen Oswald Prinz

Prinz-Waffen Oswald Prinz


Prinz-Waffen Oswald Prinz

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




Dutch, English, German

About Company

If only everything in life was so tailor-made.

Looked at from an aesthetical point of view, hunting is something horrible. Everyone wearing green clothes as well as wellingtons and sloppy hats. This at least could be the first impression one gets, without making too fine a point of it.

Upon taking a closer look, however, it is noticeable that some hunters carry special weapons. And amongst those are a very few whose weapons are even more special. It might just be that these weapons were originally made in my master craftsman`s workshop.

I am a gunsmith with all my heart. For me this means not only manufacturing weapons that look terrific, but moreover – indeed especially – to construct rifles and shotguns that will turn a good hunter into an even better one. And this is evident in my unique weapons.

Whoever can call a Prinz Hunting Weapon his own expresses with it not only his individuality, but also, in particular, his will to give the hunter’s luck a helping hand.

With a Prinz Hunting Weapon, everything – from barrel to stock – is perfectly fitted and where even with a laser measuring device others fail to improve any further, my well-trained eye and craftsman?s intuition will help with the rest.