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  • Gottfried Prechtl

Gottfried Prechtl


Gottfried Prechtl

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



Established in:



Dutch, English, German

About Company

ABOUT US On June 7, 1986, the master gunsmith company was founded in Weinheim Nördliche Hauptstraße under the name "Jagd- und Sportwaffen Gottfried Prechtl". It was a one-man business with an attached shop for weapons and hunting accessories. The finest hunting guns were made to order in the workshop. Especially side-by-side cock weapons in a combined design. The one-man business was enlarged and due to the small series production there was not enough space in the workshop. A move to the industrial area was necessary in 1995. The newly started production of 98er systems and weapons made an expansion necessary. In 2005 the move to Birkenau in Hesse took place in the newly built hall. There is now enough space here for the production of systems as well as hunting and sporting weapons. PHILOSOPHY There is nothing that cannot be made cheaper. But there is nothing that cannot be done better. It's not about "reinventing the wheel" - the wheel already exists. This is our philosophy: The 98 system exists and has been tried and tested millions of times, but it has often been copied and made even cheaper. But always with loss of security patents or with loss of quality. The correct original in improved form was our goal with all of our items, be it the System 98 or the Bisley vice or other items from our range. We think we succeeded. The constant further development and adaptation to modern requirements must not be left behind. The results of this are the modification of the 98er systems for high-performance calibers, as well as the new GS-04 and 07 Express systems and the GS-011 system. All of them are improved, modified basic systems according to the security requirements of Paul Mauser. PURPOSE OF THE COMPANY Our main activity is the production of quality systems for bolt action rifles in standard and magnum versions, sport weapon systems in standard and magnum sizes and single and multi-loaders, hunting, sport and official weapons from our self-made systems. Compensators for rifles and shotguns, match trigger, weapon parts and gunsmith supplies are also part of our production. Repairs of all kinds on hunting weapons and large-caliber sporting weapons are reliably carried out in our quality workshop. Machine park in the rifle shop - 2 vertical milling machines Golmatic MD25 - 1 universal milling machine Deckel FP2 - 3 CNC milling machines Golmatic MD24 - 2 CNC milling machines Golmatic CNC2000 - 1 CNC Golmatic CNC2000EELL end milling machine - Blohm surface grinder - LZ lathe EMCO - LZ lathe Stanko - CNC lathe Schaublin CNC125 - die sinking EDM machine CHARMILL - engraving machine SempucoClaim this company account