Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



Established in:



Greek, English

About Company

Pentagon has been active in the field of military clothing and accessories since 1991, the company started in Germany as a small retail shop selling new and used military surplus goods.

in 1993 the business moved and expanded with the opening of a new wholesale warehouse in Northern Greece. In the late 90’s a new generation of customers were showing up searching for military and law enforcement clothing and gear with technologically advanced fabrics, new and improved pocket arrangements and contemporary fitting styles. “The Tactical generation was born.”Most of these products demanded could only be found in recognized outdoor sports brands and in colours that were not appropriate for military and law enforcement sector.

That is when we decided to fill this gap, we started by researching for manufacturers and partners that were producing for leading outdoor companies to acquire enough knowledge behind the technology of modern fabric construction and material functionality, and how important high quality trims can be. We invested in the art of pattern making to achieve the perfect fit for high activity but incorporating comfort and aesthetic which was missing from the classic military and law enforcement products.

Finally after many years of research and development and working closely with Military, Police, Fire fighters, Rescue and Security teams with pride we developed a new product series which we baptized “Tactical Sportswear™”