• Nordic Armoury OU (distributor of CBC)

Nordic Armoury OU (distributor of CBC)


Nordic Armoury OU (distributor of CBC)

Type of company:

Trading company (dealer, distributor)




Finnish, Estonian, English

About Company

Nordic Armoury OÜ (owner of the registered trademark NordArm) is a company based on Estonian capital, engaged in development, production and distribution. The company operates both in the military and civilian sectors.



  • Development and production accessories based on STANAG 4694 standard

  • Development and production of cable communications equipment

  • Rebuilding and modification of vehicles in use in the Estonian Defence Forces in order to improve battle capability

  • Production of accessories and spare parts for weapons, training equipment, devices etc. used in Estonian Defence Forces

  • Development and production of various types of training equipment

  • Production of components for LED lighting systems used in the film industry



  • Maintenance and repair of optical and electro-optical equipment

  • Maintenance and repair of small, medium and large-calibre weapons systems



Nordic Armoury key notes:

  • Member of the Estonian Defence Industry Association

  • Member of the defence and security industry innovation cluster

  • Activity licence:

    • manufacturing weapons and firearm components

    • storaging weapons and ammunition as a service

    • sale of weapons, weapons components and ammunition

    • modification and repair of firearm components as a service

  • Our personnel are certified for performing maintenance and repair of small and medium-calibre weapons systems used in the Estonian Defence Forces

  • Registered broker of military goods

  • ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110