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Nitehog Europe GmbH

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Manufacturer (own production)




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About Company

NITEHOG offers innovative and reliable solutions for hunters who want to see more than the night is willing to show them – for more safety and authentic hunting (good huntsmanship).

With Nitehog Thermal imaging devices (cameras), you will be instantly independent of lighting and weather conditions. This cutting-edge technology enables you to observe around the clock everything that  would otherwise remain invisible to the human eye. Without any additional equipment or artificial light sources, Nitehog Thermal imaging devices (cameras) convert even the smallest temperature differences into a detailed picture of the environment – even in poor visibility conditions such as rain, storm, fog or snow. Nitehog Thermal imaging devices (cameras) are not only for hunters who want to play it safe, but also for the most demanding photographers and other nature and wildlife enthousiasts.

The Nitehog Night vision devices provide you with a reliable alternative to the high-quality Nitehog thermal imaging devices. You can see all the twilight is hiding from you. Our night vision devices offer reliable technology of a high standard, flexible application and practical design. The remaining  residual light is amplified by the picture tube (cathode ray tube) of the Nitehog Night vision device, enabling a quick and safe game approach, even at long distances. As a hunter, you will have sufficient time to prepare yourself for the key moment and to give an accurate shot.