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Brutal, abusive, pounding, torturous…these are not words you hear when describing how precision optics are treated. But that is exactly what we inflicted upon a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50.

Every brutal impact the scope received is captured in one continuous take from five separate camera angles; no cutaways, no time gaps, no edits.

The NXS was frozen in a solid block of ice for over 24 hours. It was then hit with two rounds from a 12 guage shotgun at the point blank range of seven yards. Using a stump to knock off the remaining ice chunks, and a quick rinse with alcohol to clear the lenses, the NXS was mounted and tested on a steel target. If that wasn't enough, we literally used it as a tack driver, but our tack was a massive spike driven halfway into a stump. Then we split some wood with it...we’ll let the video show you what the riflescope is truly capable of.

Would your riflescope stand up to that kind of abuse? We don’t recommend you trying and being disappointed.