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  • Munimentum Savjetovanje

Munimentum Savjetovanje


Munimentum Savjetovanje

Type of company:

Trading company (dealer, distributor)





About Company

Company Munimentum Consulting d.o.o. was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Zagreb. It initially began to provide advisory services in the field of sports preparation, assessment of the security situation of private buildings and companies, selling military and police equipment, as well as equipment for hunting and shooting. In the same year, he became the general agent for Kahles GmbH Austria, the oldest manufacturer of optical scanners in the world.

Company Munimentum Consulting d.o.o. offers the products of the following famous manufacturers:

Voere Austria; producer of hunting and military weapons
Carinthia; a specialized manufacturer of winter clothes and sleeping bags, as well as bivouac
Tatonka; manufacturer of clothing and hiking equipment, as well as tents
Tasmanian Tiger; manufacturer of backpacks, clothing and other military equipment
Eberlestock; the world's leading manufacturer of military sniper and hunting backpacks
Era Tac; manufacturer of mounting systems for military-sniper and assault weapons
Fortmeier; manufacturer of competitive shooting rifles in large caliber and bipod
Forster products; the world's leading manufacturer of reloading equipment
Sierra; grain producer
Nosler; grain producer
Kenwood; assortment of radio stations
Katadyn; the world's leading manufacturer of water purification and filtration systems


We provide high quality services in all areas of activity for the benefit of clients, and experience, professionalism and professional knowledge are a guarantee.

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