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Midsouth Shooters Supply


Midsouth Shooters Supply

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Trading company (dealer, distributor)


United States of America

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About Company

Today, Midsouth employs upwards of 25 people, we have an advanced website that's always evolving into a better tool for our customers to order from, but we've done our best to hold true to those values that we started out with in 1969; to be the best supplier of reloading supplies and more to our customers. Now, we carry so much more than reloading supplies. We have a full line of AR-15 and AR-10 components and parts, ammo from tons of vendors, shooting supplies, and more. Even with all the new items we have in stock, we still fight to be the go-to store for your reloading supplies. We're always on the lookout for those innovative reloading tools you need on your bench, plus plenty of reloading components to keep you pulling that press lever. Our shipping is fast and honest, with the lowest haz-mat fees around. We even offer a pick-up, or will call desk. You can order online, or call in, and we will have it ready at the front desk in a hurry. It allows our local folks to take advantage of our product lines without having to pay shipping, and it's a great way to avoid haz-mat. Next time you're in the area, stop by for some powder or primers!