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  • McCarthys Outdoors and Gun Club, LLC

McCarthys Outdoors and Gun Club, LLC


McCarthys Outdoors and Gun Club, LLC

Type of company:

Agent (broker, intermediate)


United States of America

About Company

We are a " Full Service " Gun Store. We open early, 6 days a week.
We handle ANY AND OR ALL, warranty send backs for our customers, so that they do not have to deal with the headaches. THAT is what WE are here for.
All weapons purchased from us, with optics, bases, etc? We mount all Optics, in-house and laser bore sight for free. We also mount laser sights and grips on Pistols for our customer's for free.
One of our Partner's is setting up a Gun smithing shop, at his location in Pa. where we will be doing many custom jobs.
We NEVER Buy or Trade, as the customer ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick. We sell YOUR weapons on consignment, whereby you make FAR, FAR more on the deal, than if we purchased from you outright.
We also market your weapon on our webstore( s ) for all to see, not just those here in town. We can take any weapons from across the U.S. Legally to sell.
We have an incredibly friendly, knowledgeable staff, with 3 Owner's being Ladies, so our Crew, is extremely well versed in working with the Female buying and selling Public.
We are open 6 days a week and our Sales Staff, also Guide Turkey, Pig and Deer Hunter's, so they really know what they are talking about, when it comes to Hunting and Shooting.
Come in and see Tom, if you are looking at or experienced in Black Powder Shooting. He started out 29 years ago with a T/C St.Louis Hawken and progressed up through into the new T/C Inlines shooting wee small targets at 300 yards.
Our entire staff, is passionate about the Outdoors, Personal Safety, and Hunting. We enjoy helping the Buying public from the most experienced, to the newest Youngsters, being fitted into their first weapon.
And with our online store, we have over $300 million in inventory at our and your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even get our local customer's and some out 15 miles, that ship their online order's to the store, on our dime, to hold for later pick up.
So, check us our, online or in person. Come have coffee and conversation for free.