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  • MATCHGUNS s.r.l.




Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




Italian, English

About Company

Everything started more than 30 years ago in Parma, Italy, where an international class target shooter, not happy with the performance and the quality of the sportguns of that time started to modify his pistols and their grips to improve his shooting results. After setting new shooting records with his modified guns, he started to build his own guns and grips using a new anatomical design.
The basis of his grip design was supported by anatomical studies and research. His specialized grip designs are now widely used by most of the leading sportgun producers in the world and they now represent a very important element of every sportpistol. The name of this shooter is Cesare Morini. Morini is a man that gave to target shooting many new innovations such as: the first precompressed airgun, customized anatomical grips, and the electronic trigger.
The experience of Morini combined with the shooting knowledge and secrets from many of the best shooters from all over the world have made possible the presentation of a brand new range of innovative sportpistols with unique featuresThese new guns mark a major step into the future.

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