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  • Marocchi Guns

Marocchi Guns


Marocchi Guns

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



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Italian, English

About Company

Is a company specializing in the production of hunting and shooting weapons. Founded in 1922 by Stefano, since then it is managed and led by family members. Stephen begins with producing doubles and then goes to Holland & Holland, Anson and outdoor dogs doubles. 1957 is the turn of the year, when Stefano wins the Oscars of International Intervention in Brussels with a semi-automatic Co2 rifle. In the same year, the company has its own superimposed, the first of its history: the SM57. The production of overlapping gives a considerable boost to, which soon contracts supply with many companies in the industry. Driving the company is the energy of Michele Pietro, the European champion of shooting (the shotgun that earned him the title is still kept in the company next to a picture while brandishing it). It constitutes a ' Ad hoc unit for the production of Co2 carbines and Piero's desire to build a new production building in Sarezzo, only 5 km from Gardone VT. We are in the 70's and since then the company has not changed the address yet. With the replacement of Piero's son, Mauro, Cd.Europe was born, which brings together the various activities that in the meantime have co-operated with armory production. , Decides to exploit the skills acquired in mechanical machining by diversifying production activity. Towards the end of the 1980s, production of automotive components for the world market is still ongoing. The experience gained in this field has been highly synergistic for the Marocchine arms industry, which, being compelled to follow the stringent technical standards imposed by heavy vehicle manufacturers, is among the first weapons factories to obtain ISO9001 Quality Certification : 2012. In 2008, another key turning point is taking place when Cd.Europe acquires Daystate, the world leader in PCP production, and concludes a global distribution agreement for Breda products. By Mauro's will, the company focuses on the development of inertial semiautomatic, never ceasing to create new products for its customers. My name is Michele and I represent the fourth generation of my family working in this company. Our goal is to build great quality products made in Italy: I hope you appreciate our rifles and the philosophy we work for you.

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