• M.A.M. Filmamas UAB

M.A.M. Filmamas UAB


M.A.M. Filmamas UAB

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



About Company

Our products are developed with the highest accuracy and quality of raw materials, always having the unrelenting support of our technicians, so that nothing reaches the market without the standards of quality that we already habituate our customers. With an extensive range of products, ranging from knives, cutlery, razors, spoons, forks, etc ... we offer the inheritance of 130 years of art in cutlery under the trade name M.A.M.

MAM FABRICA DE CUTELARIAS FILMAM Lda is a cutlery company from Portugal, working since 1870 with international scope and one of the oldest knives and cutlery manufacturers in the world. MAM FILMAM Lda guarantees a top quality product and it gives 10 years guarantee. All materials are high quality certificated and specially tested. We use the best German stainless steel that specially made for us with molybdenum, vanadium, siliceous and carbon. Only with all these ingredients together and with a special temper we have extremely strong and flexible knives blades with 57 degree ROC. MAM 100% Made in Portugal since 1870.