LFD Limited


LFD Limited

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)


United Kingdom

About Company

LFD designs, develops and manufactures an extensive range of innovative lighting equipment for use with night vision goggles on aircraft and ground vehicles. 

LFD Limited was set up in 1989 in Gosport and rapidly acquired a market leading position for the supply of covert and visible lights to military aircraft customers on both fixed and rotary wing platforms. 

Later developments include a range of LED-based aircraft anti-collision lights, including the world’s first 2000 candela white LED unit for the AW159 Wildcat Lynx helicopter. 

LFD offers a complete range of LED-based military aircraft external lighting products including position lights (Navstar), anti-collision lights (Starflash), and formation lights (Starpoint), all of which are available in single or dual modes (visible/infra-red), as well as infra-red flood lights (Brightstar).