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Manufacturer (own production)




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About Company

Laguiole Village was born from the collaboration of 2 people: F Blandinieres (who has an experience of 40 years in the aeronautical activity) and C. Capelle (the co-founder of a famous Laguiole knives brand, there is more than 25 years ago).
From the beginning, Laguiole Village opted for creation and innovation.
The pieces of Laguiole knives are cut with water and sand, an environmentally friendly manner that allows us to adapt our production and have a better quality. Indeed, the steel is not deformed which is not the case with the cutting by stamping. Our pieces cut to the millimeter allow a better quality of mounting.
This type of process is used to create new models, also possible for small amounts, which is impossible with cutting by stamping because the matrices represent a very significant cost for small amounts.
Laguiole Village filed a patent, it is the first and only one cutlery company to manufacture the table knife with forged bee. The Laguiole folding knife with forged bee exists since a long time, but we are the only one cutlery who has managed the challenge for the table Laguiole knife.
Laguiole Village has created a Laguiole folding knife, the « Lancelot », which exists in wood but also in glass fiber and carbon fiber.
A Laguiole knife of 14.5 cm was also recently created, and to satisfy the founder’s father, who hunts since a long time, Laguiole Village created a hunt knife of 15cm. This knife has the name of the founder’s father “Le Jack”, it exists in box tree and olivewood but also in glass fiber.
All the folding knives of Laguiole Village have a 14C28 steel blade, the new range of Sandvik. This steel combines all the qualities that allow to the steel to be amazing.

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