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  • L'Atelier Verney-Carron

L'Atelier Verney-Carron


L'Atelier Verney-Carron

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



About Company

When in 1820, Claude Verney-Carron created the armory company in Saint-Etienne ... he can rely on already nearly two centuries of know-how ... two centuries of ingenuity ... two centuries of love of the beautiful work bequeathed by the family. When a craftsman "gunsmith" then took for wife a girl gunsmith, more than a marriage, it was also a pool of skills, talents of both families; it was the legitimate transmission of the little manufacturing secrets of master craftsmen.

It was the safeguard "in the walls" of a technological and human heritage that allowed the company Verney-Carron to write some of the most beautiful pages in the history of the French armory.

In 2004, Verney-Carron, while remaining open to new essential technologies now, decided to absorb the company Demas. Thus was born "L'Atelier Verney-Carron", a craft workshop specialized in prestigious ranges of hunting weapons: the excellence of tradition in a way.

This combination of the strengths of each other, the know-how of both companies, exchange of skills and pooling of talents, has allowed the development of prestigious, high-performance products: Masterpieces of mastery craftsmanship and advanced technology.

The Atelier Verney-Carron manufactures hunting weapons upscale, with beautifully drawn lines, impeccably neat finish.

These personalized weapons, which all benefit individually from the work of goldsmiths of great gunsmiths, are tested in our workshops and meet the most stringent criteria of safety and reliability.

Unique piece, each creation is made with the best materials, the roughest walnut blanks, the most sought ... Each personalized weapon carries the paw and the signature of the engraver, artist work done with the chisel on forged steel scales. This production unit has reached today what is the best in the hunting weapon ... it is the very high end, with an irreproachable quality.

All who make this choice are sure to own a unique piece, a jewel in the field of armory ... the exceptional marriage of quality and taste ...

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