• Keppeler Technische Entwicklung GmbH

Keppeler Technische Entwicklung GmbH


Keppeler Technische Entwicklung GmbH

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




Dutch, English, German

About Company

Gert Peter has been at the helm of the company Keppeler Technische Entwicklungen since March 2004. In addition to the already established and reputable line of sporting and hunting rifles based on a unique action, he also acquired the dedication to implement continuous improvements in the design and manufacturing of the company’s rifles.

With the same dedication that started 30 years ago, the company strives to achieve the optimum in quality and performance from each individual rifle every working day. It isn’t therefore surprising that “The Boss” insists on personally checking every rifle to perform the final adjustments and improvements before clearing it for shipping to another satisfied customer. His motto is that top quality and precision are the best references and then the rifles speak for themselves.

Together with his wife, Gert Peter has expanded the company since assuming ownership and its management in 2004, both in building up a dedicated team, as well engineering and introducing new products and accessories. He still remains open for innovative ideas and suggestions and it is not unusual for the Gert Peter to answer the phone in the workshop. Close dialogue with his customers plays a vital role and he has often converted their thoughts and ideas into new features or improvements. Most importantly, he believes that each customer must receive a rifle that conforms to their exact expectations, so both customized adjustments to standard models as well as full custom rifles are part of his daily workload.

If you are searching for that individual touch for your a new high precision rifle, you have found the right partner to address your requirements.