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KALASHNIKOV gun magazine


KALASHNIKOV gun magazine

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



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English, Russian

About Company

The Russian specialized magazine «KALASHNIKOV: Arms, Ammunition, Equipment» is issued since 1999. It is the official publisher of the Russian Armories Union, which unites all the arms enterprises producing arms and ammunitions and related goods for hunting and sport in Russia. KALASHNIKOV magazine is also the official publisher of Russian department IPSC and National Association of Benchrest.

Our magazine has a long-term collaboration with leading European gun edition Deutsches Waffen-Jornal (DWJ), Germany. Most interesting articles are published in its Russian version.

The close contact of the magazine with arms designers and explorers, a unique group of authors provide authentic and efficient information of its publications; every issue has articles about hunting and accessories for it, sport guns, historical materials and articles about highly artistic exclusive guns, knives and crossbows.

At the invitation of world’s leading gun manufacturers KALASHNIKOV takes part in the international hunts and takes part in all special exhibitions in Russia and abroad (Arms and Hunting in Moscow, IWA Show in Nuremberg, Shot Show in USA etc.).

Russian gun magazine KALASHNIKOV is informational partner of many national and international sporting, bench and practical rifle, carbine and gun shooting championships.

Today KALASHNIKOV magazine is issued 12 times per year with the circulation of 30000 copies and is sold all over Russia in gun stores and press decks.?????