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Joh. Vogler GmbH


Joh. Vogler GmbH

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



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Dutch, English, German

About Company

History of our Company

The company Joh.Vogler GmbH was founded by the Grand-Grandfather

of  todays owner, Stephan Vogler, Mr. Johann Vogler, in 1893.

In April 1998, Stephan Vogler took over the Company from his parents after working 12 years in the Company. So currently the Company is now in the 4th Generation family owned. His wife Andrea also joined the company as a managing director. The Joh. Vogler GmbH employs currently  12 people.

Today, we are dealing with abt. 2.000 retail stores. To service these stores, we currently have 5 agents which cover Germany (East- and West) and Austria.

Apart from the retailers, we also work very well together with the all major mailorder houses in Germany.

We have right now a collection from abt. 2500 various items, from decorative weapons to Porcellain Figurines, from Fantasy, Faeries, Gothic, Dragons to animal items and even furnitures. Also we have a large assortment of Egyptian items and Heroic Figurines (Roman and Greek).

A lot of the items are distributed exclusively from our Company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also have various designers who work for us to design our own series and items.

We are attending the following shows as exhibitors in Spring and Autumn:

Frankfurt Show Ambiente and Tendence (1 Booth 105 m? at Ambiente and 88 m? at the Tendence Fair )

IWA Weapons Fair 1 time a year

You can contact us on our website: www.vogler-gmbh.de

Or by E-mail: info@vogler-gmbh.de