Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



About Company

Our company was founded in 1988 in Izmir. In 1989, when production and import monopoly import regime changed fireworks off, first imported fireworks, our company has brought to Turkey in February 1990.

RC hunting and shooting tickets have been imported from Italy by our company since 1990 and marketed in our country every year with a new product variety without compromising quality.

RC guitars hit the last 25 pylons with quality and superior performance. The flares that do not write "RC Italy" on the hive bottom are not our products. Avoid imitations.

Our vision;

Hunting gears are usually imported as 32 and 34 gr or produced by MKE. We have expanded this range from 24 grams to 50 grams and offered alternatives so that they can use fireworks according to the season of the hunters.

RC of hunting and shooting fireworks we import every year on a regular basis without interruption and Turkey have done by bringing the distribution and marketing by our dealers worldwide. We chose primitive and honest work as our principle.

Our mission ;

We are providing mediators to improve performance by offering high quality flares to dormers and volunteers in shooting sports. Since 1999 we are sponsoring Oğuzhan Tüzün, our national athlete.

RC gearboxes have become an indispensable brand for those who are engaged in shooting sports in all the competitions organized in the world. Some of the achievements we have been sponsoring since 1999 are our national athletes Oğuzhan Tüzün's RC flares and traps ...