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Integrity Ballistics LLC


Integrity Ballistics LLC

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Trading company (dealer, distributor)


United States of America



About Company

Integrity Ballistics LLC: Delivering the Best and Safest Less Lethal Alternative To Market!

When situations dictate the need for Less Lethal response; Integrity Ballistics line of products designed for use with 12 Gauge shotguns is exactly what you need!

Our distinctive and proprietary polymer design does what other Less Lethal products cannot; spreads the Force on Impact across a much wider area of the body.

This new and highly effective style of impact increases the users tactical advantage with accuracy at distances ranging from 1.83m-22.9m.

The Force on Impact delivers immediate Compliance Through Pain to the suspect, inmate, rioter, or predator without causing significant harm.

Integrity Ballistics Less Lethal ammunition for 12-gauge shotguns is tested and proven in real world situations. That’s why law enforcement, military and federal agencies, and wildlife agents have added Integrity Ballistics 12 Gauge Less Lethal IMPACT rounds to their armory.