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  • HonosBodyArmor




Type of company:

Trading company (dealer, distributor)


United States of America



About Company

In 2016 we learned that body armor isn’t nearly as expensive to make as law enforcement is being charged. Many major manufacturers are making up to 500% markup on what they make. Then and there we decided to make a body armor company for law enforcement, security, and their families – body armor that is affordable, high quality, and innovative. We’ve developed lighter, thinner, more comfortable body armor for less money. We simplify armor by focusing on the armor and cuts officers want. We don’t spend the money making flat, square rifle plates so we can then charge more for an “upgraded,” curved, shooters cut plate. The truth is the cost difference is only a few dollars. We don’t make level II or IIA armor that can be defeated by a simple 22LR revolver or 44 Mag so we can charge more for complete handgun protection IIIA soft armor. HONOS will never charge more for camouflage or other colors aside from Black because that’s ridiculous. Most of all, we want officers to feel better, be safer, and help departments and firms afford more protection for the same amount of money.