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Hans J. Bauer GmbH & Co KG


Hans J. Bauer GmbH & Co KG

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)




Dutch, English, German

About Company

BAUER - For decades, a guarantor of good optics

The experience of nature is a fascinating discovery!

In our technical world, experiences in nature have unfortunately become rare.

Therefore it is important to savor these moments.

We want to support you:

Taking our aid you can get tools and accessories to be equipped for sustainable nature observation and orientation.

Founded in 1936 as a commercial agent for top-class optics, we sell a wide range of optical products now.

Binoculars, scopes and accessories are our core range.

Decades of experience with optical products are reflected in a program

with properties of high quality and an excellent price / performance ratio.

Therefore: Sharpen your senses with Bauer optics - nature in focus!