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  • Krieghoff International, Inc.

Krieghoff International, Inc.


Krieghoff International, Inc.

Type of company:

Manufacturer (own production)



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English, German

About Company

The name Krieghoff has been synonymous with the art of high-end gunsmithing for 130 years. What started as a small, three-man workshop committed to excellence has evolved into today's modern operation with CNC machines and a subsidiary in the United States. Yet the stockmaker's shop or the engraving workshop would feel like home to the company's founder, Ludwig Krieghoff, if he were to pay a visit, because at Krieghoff, customization and handcrafting are still what matter most. Almost all the parts of a Krieghoff gun are manufactured in-house and are assembled with utmost care to make a fine product that is both safe and accurate. In spite of the factory's advanced computer systems, Krieghoff still trains and employs gunsmiths, stockmakers and engravers.
"H. Krieghoff GmbH" has been a family owned business for 5 generations and is located in Ulm, Germany. It is managed by Managing Directors Dieter Krieghoff, Phil Krieghoff and Peter Bra?.
Today, Krieghoff is a leading manufacturer of hunting and competition guns that fulfill every aspiration related to safety, reliability and precision.
Since many Krieghoff employees are themselves passionate hunters or shooters, their technical solutions are shaped by extensive practical experience. Their enthusiasm for what they do is of course complemented by outstanding craftsmanship and quality.

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